Flexibility of freelance graphic designers

A freelance designer gives you all sorts of flexibility. You use them every now and then, only for specific tasks or draft them in as cover during peak periods, sick leave and special projects. But they're not always available – you can't call on them for urgent tasks or long-term assignments all the time. That's why MediaComm offers a solution by taking excellent graphic designers on full-time. If you call on us, one of our designers will be working on site with you within 24 hours for a day, a week or several months, ensuring you have the right amount of staff in your team at all times.

Skills of a full-service graphic design intervention team

Just like a graphic design agency, MediaComm consists of a team of graphic designers. And you can choose from the whole pool. Whether you're focusing on a project for print and another for web or looking for specialist technical expertise, we suggest the most suitable designer for you.
You therefore gain access to more knowledge, experience and creativity than from just one freelance graphic designer. Take a look at the expertise within our entire graphic design intervention team.

Reliability of full-time employees

The MediaComm designers live and work throughout Flanders and Brussels. Each and every one of them is keen to discover new environments and can quickly adapt to other company cultures. As they work in your office, you quickly build a relationship and communication runs smoothly.
The collaboration is therefore more direct than a long-distance relationship with a freelance graphic designer and resembles taking on an interim designer or even hiring a full-time employee. A large number of our clients bring in a MediaComm designer on a part-time basis the whole year round. Or full-time every year during the busiest months. The choice is yours.