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MediaComm's designers are active throughout Flanders and Brussels, working both at small firms without their own designer or strengthening large companies’ graphic design departments. Think, for example, of publishers, advertising agencies, printing houses, graphic design agencies and marketing departments in SMEs and multinationals. Below you can find some testimonials from satisfied clients as well as see which companies have chosen MediaComm in the past.

  • Studio100

    Antwerp based media company specialized in content for children

    When it turned out that two people would be absent for a long time, MediaComm's help was very well timed! The qualified people were deployed in our department very smoothly. The flexibility of the solution found was remarkable.

    It is important to us to work within the creative guidelines of Studio 100. No problem for Silke and Sanne when they were joining our team. Their assignments vary from creating puzzle books to creating the weekly supplement for Dag Allemaal, or other ad hoc assignments that we assign among our colleagues. Silke even worked at Postproduction for a while, because she can also work with After Effects. So the people at MediaComm have a wide range of qualities and talents!

    The graphic designers are working in-house. That’s the most powerful advantage at MediaComm. It is not only nice working, but it is also easy when it comes to having feedback, for example.

    Because we are creating a large variety of things - every day is different - we also notice MediaComm people are very pleased working here. Which, of course, is pretty cool to us!

    Miek Gilissen Head of Postproduction & Art Studio 100
  • Securex

    HR service provider

    We started to cooperate with MediaComm on the retirement of a colleague. As it was not a full-time job and we like having flexibility, we chose MediaComm.

    Since 2016 a designer from MediaComm is joining us in our team 2 days a week.

    Working with MediaComm puts our minds at ease. We can count on experienced, talented graphic designers when we need them.

    MediaComm is the best choice when you are looking for graphic support with a large flexibility, creativity and expertise.

    Jolien Vercamer Client Communication Officer
  • Lambrechts sanitair

    Genk based sanitary company specializing in heating and sanitary equipment.

    Graphic work at Lambrechts is very varied: from posters to logos, from creative design to DTP. When some time ago we were urgently looking for a graphic designer, MediaComm very quickly helped us out. Graphic designer Masja joined us. This is how we started!

    For almost a year, Masja joined our team two days a week. When activity is increasing or when a particular project is requiring it, she joins us for another extra days or another graphic designer joins us.

    Great thing about that kind of structural cooperation is the fact that the MediaComm employees not only get to know the colleagues, but also how the company works. This way, everything is happening very quickly and efficiently, not much explanation is needed.

    Even now that we have a permanent designer, we rely on MediaComm in busy periods. And we know perfectly well which designer we need for the job we have. Because every graphic designer has his own style and expertise. We are always amazed at MediaComm's flexibility and speed in offering solutions. We absolutely recommend MediaComm to other companies!

    Kim Goossens Marketing Manager
  • Henco Industries

    A Herentals based metallurgical company producing pipes and fittings for sanitary and heating facilities.

    MediaComm’s strength lies in putting a qualified person on several projects. Every graphic designer who is temporarily involved in our team is flexible, creative and above all very perceptive. Even after a short or difficult briefing, the graphic designer offers a quality job while deadlines are tight.

    At the request of our retail customers at home and abroad, we recently created a catalogue with labels and barcodes to print and accompany the products in the shops. The input for this assignment was extremely extensive: 5 languages had to be processed, barcodes tested, labels created with information from our extensive database, ... resulting in 150 pages with 14 articles per page!

    MediaComm sent us Jan, who only needed 2 days to do what would have taken us at least 2 weeks by ourselves. He had no prior knowledge of our products. He quickly took on this tough assignment. We were pleasantly surprised by his speed, efficiency and the quality of his work.

    When we need a graphic designer, we usually ask explicitly for Masja. She tackles every task with enthusiasm and creativity. From Christmas cards to advertisements, from social media visuals to documents. She needs few words to understand the assignment, and little time to turn briefings into goal-oriented proposals. She is a real topper and we are grateful to MediaComm for associating her to us.

    Inge Gysemans Marketing Communication Manager

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This overview shows you at a glance in which sectors, for which companies and in which provinces our employees have already completed graphic design projects.

If you’d like to receive more testimonials or examples of assignments similar to yours, get in touch with us and outline your planned project. We'll then be happy to suggest our most relevant expertise and experience.