Animation and motion design to get your communication moving


Motion designers use animations to add dynamism to your social media, website, advertising and even your e-mail signatures. The possibilities are endless: all you need is the right expert for the job.

Find the ideal motion designer for your video content

What is possible with motion design?

Use animation and motion design to make your advertising, communication tools, social media and website more dynamic. When it comes to the power of persuasion, moving images are miles ahead of text and photos.

Motion design is usually used for explainer videos that use animations to make complicated material easy to understand. You often see dynamic infographics of this kind on Instagram and Facebook. They are a way of spreading expertise to a wide audience, and both large companies and smaller firms love this way of increasing their range.

The MediaComm people? They always turn up here with the ideal dose of creativity, efficiency and flexibility.

Katrien Van De Vijver
Creative team coordinator at Veritas

MediaComm has a range of motion designers at hand, some with a background in animation film and others who specialise in Adobe After Effects. Our planners ensure that you get to see the best animator to bring instant motion to your infographics, web design or Facebook page.

There is even an animation technician available to create striking website headers and footers, logo reveals or fun animations on your contact page. We can help every target group, in any style.


Bring dynamism to your communication too

Moving banners and dynamic infographics ensure greater coverage and faster conversions.

The importance of preproduction in motion design

Animation is time consuming. That is why preproduction really makes a difference, especially in large assignments. By making an extensive script for your animation film in advance, complete with a text, voiceover, images, design elements and music, you avoid having to make labour-intensive changes to the content later on.

Our graphic designers are experts in guiding you through this preproduction process and drawing up a timeline. The earlier you get them involved, the easier it will be to meet your deadline. They can provide a ‘sketch’ lasting about 10 seconds at very short notice. You give them feedback on that and then both parties take it from there.

That doesn’t mean you can’t call in a motion designer later in the process. Do you already have a layout, design or scripts ready? Or smaller projects in the pipeline? If so, our designers will provide the animation in the final phase. One of their techniques for avoiding linear – we mean ‘boring’ – animations is to liven things up with a graph. They draw accelerations on a graph, according to the laws of physics. That gives you lifelike movements and flowing animation films!

Motion Design with a combination of software

Our animator and motion designers mainly use Adobe After Effects, a tool that was originally designed to add effects to video material. Nowadays it is the quintessential go-to software for animations and jazzing up websites with small web animations, GIFs and moving images for social media.

Besides After Effects, we also use Première Pro for video processing, subtitling and montage, along with Adobe Illustrator to create visuals and illustrations.