We tell your story
with creative branding and original designs.


Are you looking for a graphics firm with a talent for creative design to brush up your house style? The graphic designers at MediaComm do far more than merely ‘get the job done’. They help you think things through and express your brand identity in visual results that surpass your imagination.

Creative graphic design, a total picture that is exactly right


What is creative design?

Creative design is a combination of design, branding and storytelling. With the right visual identity, you can show who you are as a company before you have said anything at all. The right typography, choice of colours, animations, illustrations and logos are crucial elements of your showcase. Creative graphic design encompasses a range of design disciplines, from branding to web design, logo design to illustration, advertisements to animations. Have them designed with care and inventiveness by experienced designers who give your company a boost.

As a creative designer, the trick is to design something original that also captures the essence of what a company stands for.

Designer at MediaComm

What does a creative graphic designer do?

House style

Designing your house style complete with a logo, typography, fonts and colour design.


Streamlining your packaging in original ways that correspond to your brand identity.


Creating digital or hand-drawn illustrations for various purposes: animations, infographics, advertisements, etc.

Printed material

Creative formatting of all your printed material: brochures, flyers, posters, books and magazines.


Bored with your house style?

Get a fresh, new look from one of our inventive graphic designers.

Storytelling and creation of a house style: your visual story

With branding or rebranding, people often decide to bring in a graphic design bureau. That’s certainly an option, but with an in-house creative designer you have someone right beside you who helps you to think through your new style. Someone who asks the right questions about the target groups you want to attract and the vision you want to project.

Insight into your company

This approach gives our people insight into your company and enables them to come up with a visual story that exceeds your expectations.

Total package

Branding and storytelling form a total package in terms of content and graphics, from logo design to PowerPoint presentations, from the photos chosen to the animated Instagram stories. From the idea to the happy ending.

The great thing about creative design is that you develop products from start to finish. It’s so cool so see packaging that you helped to design on the shop shelves.

Designer at MediaComm