DTP or desktop publishing: beyond technical knowledge


An experienced desktop publisher is passionate about desktop publishing and produces files ready for effortless printing of magazines or brochures, along with clear internet publications and advertising material. A DTP specialist is a technical, hands-on graphic designer, but much more besides.

The desktop publishers that MediaComm sends to companies through project sourcing are all experts in simplifying graphic techniques and automating processes. Designing your catalogue has never gone so smoothly. Getting your magazine ready for the printer in time will be a piece of cake. Those photos for your brochure are certified in an instant.



What does a DTP specialist do?

Desktop publishers collect files and create documents for printing. In most cases, they do this for print assignments such as magazines, catalogues, sales material, books, car stickers, flyers or brochures. However, they might just as easily work on websites, e-books or online PDFs. You will usually find DTP specialists in the graphics departments of publishers, marketing bureaus and printers.

Creative design is a limited part of the graphic process. Implementation and ensuring uniformity across all channels are what really matters. So be sure to bring in a DTP expert in the final phase of a project to make your files ready for printing once the final corrections have been made. Or get a desktop publisher involved when you start making your publication. They will help you come up with ways to produce a fantastic final result as efficiently as possible.


Do you need a DTP expert with up-to-date knowledge of graphics programs?

From catalogues and packaging to information brochures and weekly magazines. Printed material has become cheaper, so print is really on the up again.

Creativity rooted in technical skill: that’s what DTP is all about

It is a cliché that pure desktop publishers don’t do anything creative. In fact, the opposite is true. A problem-solving attitude is also creativity. So is untangling complex layout puzzles, transforming dry content into an exciting end result or tackling your house style guide – which ensures that your branding is consistent in all your documents in future.

DTP specialists at MediaComm:

listen carefully to your briefings and transform them into attractive printed material,

display information in manageable portions,

simplify and automate your publishing processes,

work fast and accurately, with structure and experience.

Most companies have tight printing deadlines. If you are worried about missing them, a DTP expert from MediaComm is ideal. We can help out at extremely short notice.

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