HTML and CSS specialists to crack the code


For your front-end development – the stuff that gets all the functions on your website to work – and your website’s appearance, web developers work with the underlying HTML and CSS code. Dynamic banners, striking style elements, lively product pages: our designers transform your page into an inviting and professional website.

Bring a coding expert to your office


An HTML specialist with graphics skills? That’s two talents in one!

It is an absolute bonus to have a graphic designer in the office who really knows their way around HTML and CSS. You can ask them to make your web pages or e-mails more responsive, set up a logical e-mail flow, design fantastic social media banners or make changes to your website that look great right from the word go.

A front-end developer is the web designer who uses the coding languages HTML and CSS to adjust the structure and styling of your website.

What can someone from MediaComm do for you?

  • Build an entirely new website
  • Add new products or web pages
  • Redesign your look
  • Make major and minor changes to your existing website
  • Design and integrate web banners
  • Make e-mail templates

This is what our graphic designers do with HTML and CSS

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the standard language for every web developer: it is used to construct your website. A web page is made up of blocks. You create the structure of those blocks in HTML.

The designer uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to style the blocks. They code the design of buttons, background colours, borders, fonts, etc. A sophisticated web design determines the character of your website and ensures that your look corresponds to your brand personality.

The people at MediaComm have a wide range of skills and talents! The right specialists are put to work very quickly in our department.

Miek Gilissen
Head of Postproduction and Art at Studio 100

What is the difference between CMS and HTML or CSS?

To alter a website, you need to be fluent in the coding languages HTML and/or CSS. That is why most companies work with a CMS or Content Management System. This website editor contains software that enables you to change your web pages and create templates without needing to get into the code.

The most frequently used CMS systems are:

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla!
  • Laravel

The MediaComm graphics experts know these and other CMS systems like the back of their hand. Are you planning a major rebranding? Or do you regularly need to make small changes to your site? Bring in one of our experts.