Presentation templates: a showcase for your company


A company presentation is a strong marketing tool. Visually attractive PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote templates based on your house style and corporate branding are crucial for your advertising and customer acquisition.

There’s a reason PowerPoint starts with the word ‘power’. With the right creative input, your corporate presentation can become a powerful part of your marketing strategy. Presentation tools are the most underestimate software there is. They have been around for a long time, but they have evolved considerably since they first appeared, with the result that many options are underused. Our graphic designers extract maximum benefits from what MS PowerPoint, Prezi and Apple Keynote have to offer, so that you can send your message out into the world loud and clear.

Do you know about all the things you can add to a company presentation?

A sleek design, elements of house style, evocative fonts and a beautiful colour palette.

Custom designed icons, strong images and (motion) infographics.

Clear navigation.

Subtle animations or even longer films with music.

Buttons and links to documents or web pages.


Want to brush up your dusty old company presentation?

Our graphics experts put the pizzazz back into your PowerPoint!

Why invest in a slideshow?

A presentation is the ultimate tool to get a certain message across, to introduce your company or present a new product. As a business, you have a clear idea of what you want to say. But if you put that information in a boring presentation, you will lose most of your target audience. Our graphic designers know exactly how to convert your message and house style into a refreshing, convincing slide presentation.

PowerPoint has an old-fashioned image and is seriously underestimated. I love proving the opposite. When it comes to it, nothing is impossible. If it seems to be, I help the customer find a solution.

Designer at MediaComm

Microsoft Office

Besides presentation templates for Prezi, Apple Keynote and PowerPoint, we also give your other communication tools a lick of house style.

Our graphic designers give your MS Word documents a personal makeover with elements of your house style such as icons, fonts, colours and logos.

All the templates can be adjusted: you or your commercial staff can effortlessly add the content you need for the right target groups. Everything is beautifully streamlined in a sleek design.
That cacophony of sloppy documents is a thing of the past. From now on, you can be proud of everything you send out, from the simplest one-pager to the most extensive slide presentation.

Adjustable and flexible designs

The possibilities for an adjustable presentation template are extensive, and so are the benefits.


Our graphics experts create entirely new templates based on your house style, or they jazz up your old presentation and convert it from the old 4:3 format into 16:9 widescreen.

PowerPoints and other presentations can be reduced in size simply and without loss of quality, so you can easily e-mail, save, upload and download them.

Templates are as varied as you want them to be, with different layouts for different purposes. Do you want a template that only allows you to change the titles and text? Or would you prefer one that lets you play with the colours and images yourself? Everything is possible.