Prototyping and wireframing: your idea takes shape.


A graphic designer uses Sketch or Adobe XD to design one or more example websites that integrate your house style. A prototype is a starting point: an exercise in UI (user interface) design that brings the designer and client ever closer to a user-friendly end result. The completer and more detailed the prototype, the easier the web developer’s work will be in the subsequent development phase.

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A well-developed prototype

A prototype or mock-up of a website goes somewhat further than a wireframe. If wireframes are the building plans for a website or app, prototypes are the colour versions. A wireframe contains the structure of the application and the basic blocks of content. In the prototype, the designer adds your brand identity or house style. It is all about a user-friendly interface or UI design that guides your user effortlessly through your app or website.

A designer who makes a prototype of a website or application does not work in the HTML or CSS code. They use software to make a mock-up showing what the site will ultimately look like. This example has buttons that really work, allowing you to click through to another web page or slide.

Working with Adobe XD

The programs Sketch and Adobe XD offer all kinds of options specifically for prototyping. In XD, it is easy to make different version of the website and adjust the colours, fonts or buttons everywhere with a single click. It’s a piece of cake to combine different building blocks and present you with a variety of possible web designs. That way you genuinely get the chance to finalise every last detail.

What is more, it is a handy tool for the developers who have to write the code later on. All the colour codes, locations and pixels have already been determined, leaving them with considerably less work. In other words, a good prototype speeds up the development phase.


Make sure you have the right people working for you

The best UI designs happen when web developers, designers and prototypers work together.

Prototyping: a crucial phase in branding

Whether you are already at an advanced stage of your branding or rebranding process or searching for a designer who will help you think through your new house style from scratch: at MediaComm you will find the creative talents and manpower you need.

A good prototype is not just the model that gets your developers started: it also serves as an example of your final product. You can use it to look for investors or customers even before your website or app has been launched. Another use for it is to eliminate design mistakes over several test phases.

Our collaboration with MediaComm was pleasant and constructive: they are all great people who do their utmost.

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Realistic and creative simulations

Prototypes and wireframes vary from device to device: mobile, tablet or PC. Our designers ensure that the design is compatible with every device.

You can also ask the graphic designers for creative input and get them to design new icons or images in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop that you can use in your prototypes. All the programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud can be easily combined.