Projectsourcing: the ideal solution for project-based reinforcements


Today’s labour market is flexible and demands forms of employment that suit both companies and employees. Do you need temporary support for a project? Or help in the office one day a week? Projectsourcing is easy, efficient and compliant in all areas.

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What is projectsourcing?

Projectsourcing is a contraction of project and outsourcing. We are all familiar with the principle of large companies outsourcing the work in their canteen to a specialised firm, for example, or calling in a marketing agency to deal with their communications.

Nowadays smaller players can easily bring in a team or an individual for short projects as well: that is what project sourcing is all about.

Is your company struggling with a temporary staff shortage in one department, or are you working intensively on a specific project? If so, you have four options:

  • you employ someone directly,
  • you bring in a self-employed freelancer,
  • you ask a temporary employment office for help,
  • or: you opt for specialised project sourcing.

In the latter case, an expert comes to your office to reinforce your team, although that person remains on the payroll of an external company.

We can rely on experienced, talented graphic designers, exactly when we need them.

Jolien Vercamer
Client communication officer at Securex

Graphic assistance through project sourcing

Specifically, MediaComm helps organisations with graphic projects (such as designing brochures, retouching images, web graphics, prototyping, animations, etc.) Our 70 graphics experts are still employed and paid by us, but they work at your business for a given period or on a specific project. In other words, they are deployed on a project basis whenever you need temporary or structural reinforcement in your graphics, communication or marketing department.

Unlike temping agencies, MediaComm works exclusively on graphics assignments. That means we have considerably more expertise in that field at our disposal.

The benefits of projectsourcing as opposed to other forms of employment

Projectsourcing is a reliable solution for both companies and employees. You bring in specialists (graphics specialists, in our case) on a flexible basis, whenever the pressure of work increases temporarily (or over a longer period). That means you can still take on bigger projects in times of economic uncertainty and gradually strengthen your company’s position.

Projectsourcing protects you against claims of bogus self-employment when a freelancer works for you for a long time.

Thanks to projectsourcing, your temporary staff member benefits from better protection than a freelancer.

Thanks to projectsourcing with MediaComm, you have immediate access to the specialist you need. You don’t need to write out job vacancies and search for experienced graphic designers yourself.

Projectsourcing reduces the pressure on your permanent staff, and it is cheaper and more flexible than an extra permanent contract on your payroll.

In busy periods, we count on MediaComm. Because of our structural co-operation, the people at MediaComm know our people and how our company works. Everything is fast and efficient, and there isn’t much left for us to explain.

Kim Goossens
Marketingverantwoordelijke Lambrechts sanitair

Quality guaranteed

There are strict rules for projectsourcing in Belgium. You need to comply with stringent conditions to ‘lend’ experts to a third party.

Federgon, the sector federation for HR service providers, supports companies that meet their customers’ needs with this flexible form of employment whilst offering their own employees the necessary protection. So MediaComm is proud to call itself a ‘Certified Member Projectsourcing’.

This quality label guarantees reliable service provision for the customer companies and long-term employment for the 60 graphics experts employed by MediaComm.