MediaComm graphic design intervention team


    MediaComm ensures you are fully staffed at any time. A graphic designer will be at your door within 24 hours to take care of your graphic design project.

  • Or Structural

    Need a structural solution? At fixed times you can call upon a set designer from our pool or switch in function of your needs. Cross-pollination is therefore guaranteed.


    Our employees are all-rounders in graphic design for both print and web, from DTP tasks and the layout of brochures to web design and digital animations. 

  • TEAM

    A diverse team of more than 60 experienced graphic designers is at your service, giving you access to a wide range of skills, expertise and creativity.


    MediaComm are no traditional graphic design agency, but rather a graphic design intervention team. Our designers work on site at your office – throughout Flanders and Brussels.

Graphic design intervention team

What makes MediaComm stand out from a graphic design agency or a freelance designer? And what's in it for you? Read all about the added value of a graphic design intervention team.

Meet our designers

A team of more than 60 graphic designers. That means a whole host of skills and personalities. And therefore a great match with your project is guaranteed. See the MediaComm designers here or glance through their combined expertise.

Satisfied clients

MediaComm is active in both small and large companies in a whole host of sectors, spread throughout Flanders and Brussels. You will find our graphic designers on site at these satisfied clients, and many more besides.