Photoshop and retouching images: invisible quality


“Could you just photoshop that for me?” This is one of the requests our graphic designers get most often. But there is nothing as versatile as Adobe Photoshop, and our graphic designers effortlessly transform the endless possibilities of the program into professional printed material, effective advertising and attractive web design.


A solution to every problem thanks to Adobe Photoshop

You use a variety of images for your catalogue, website or advertising. They are images that accentuate your texts or put your products and services in the spotlight. Our Photoshop specialists help you optimise those photos to serve your purposes – marketing, for instance.

Depending on your graphic design project, MediaComm will send you someone with the right skill set. We have the best specialists working for us when it comes to retouching or editing images and photo editing.


Need a Photoshop wizard fast?

Photoshop is essential to create web content, catalogues, brochures and other printed material. Bring in a Photoshop expert for your project now.

For online & offline media

Experienced graphic designers transform photos to create the most engaging social media posts. They make ‘ugly’ images attractive so you can use them in catalogues and brochures.

They remove backgrounds to draw attention to products or do precisely the opposite and add atmospheric surroundings. They remove details in a way that is invisible to the naked eye. They blow up images without pixilation, selecting and cutting at the flick of a wrist.

From colour corrections, play of shadows and new compositions to blemish removal and batch processing or even ‘automatic’ processing of images, there is a solution to every design problem with Photoshop.

Our work is at its best when it is invisible.

Expert at MediaComm

The virtual photographic studio: 3D rendering

As well as retouching images, it is also possible to create photos of new products or branding without going to a photographer’s studio. MediaComm has real 3D superstars at hand, who transform your request into realistic images of your products.

Use 3D rendering for visualisations of the interior and architecture of your offices during a rebranding process.

Create magnificent product images (from shampoo to cars and everything in between) without the costs of a photographic studio, photographer, props, a production team or travel.

3D rendering gives you the right texture, lighting and shadows, as realistically as you want.

The final result is a gorgeous visualisation of your product that is perfect for advertisements, brochures or web design.

Rapid response to your Photoshop questions and more

Before you write out a job vacancy for a graphic designer when what you need is a ‘photoshopper’, call in at MediaComm. Our projectsourcing will soon hook you up with a graphic designer, with all the flexibility of a freelancer but without the admin.

Our experts are familiar with all the graphics programs. Based on your needs, we will send you someone whose toolbox is perfectly suited to the assignment or project.

Use their talents widely. They will also offer advice and think proactively to solve problems.